Friday, February 26, 2010

Starry Night Potholder

It's written up! Here is the pattern for "Starry Night." NOTE: I wrote this up AFTER I made one, so technically it hasn't been tested. Please let me know if you find any mistakes, have suggestions to make it better, etc. I'm not a profeesional designer and this is the first pattern I have ever written out :-)

I used an F hook, but it could have been tighter, so might benefit from an E or even a D.

Here's a pic of the second version I made with the solid backing.

With color A ch. 2. 8 single crochet in 2nd ch from hook.

Round 1: Ch. 4 (counts as first DC and ch.1) *2 DC ch. 1 in next SC* Repeat from * 7 times. DC in same stitch as Ch.4. Join with slip stitch to 3rd ch of original Ch. 4. (8 ch. 1 spaces)

Round 2: Ch. 3. Slip stitch into next ch. 1 space. Repeat 7 times. Join with slip stitch to top of ch. 3 space. Fasten off. (8 ch. 3 spaces)

Round 3: Join color B with a SC into any ch. 3 space. HDC, DC, TRC, DC, HDC, SC into same ch. 3 space. *SC, HDC, DC, TRC, DC, HDC, SC* into each ch. 3 space around. Join with slip stitch to base of first SC. (8 petals made)

Round 4: Ch. 3 and slip stitch into top of first TRC. Ch. 3 and slip stitch into base of next SC. Repeat 7 times. (16 ch 3. Spaces) Fasten off.

Round 5: Join color C with SC in any ch.3 space. SC, HDC, DC, HDC, SC in each ch. 3 space around. Join with slip stitch to base of first SC.

Round 6: Ch. 4 (counts as first DC and ch. 1) DC into base of same stitch, ch. 1. *DC, ch 1, DC, ch. 1 into “V” of next cluster.* Repeat from * 15 times. Join with slip stitch into 3rd ch of ch. 4. Fasten off.

Round 7: Join color A with slip stitch into ch. 1 space of any “V” stitch. Ch. 3. DC into same space. Ch. 1. 3 DC into next ch. 1 space. Ch. 1. *2 DC into “V” stitch, ch. 1. 3 DC into next ch. 1 space and ch. 1* Repeat from * 15 times. Join with slip stitch to top of ch. 3 space.

Round 8: Ch. 4 (counts as first DC plus ch. 1.) *DC, ch. 1, DC, ch. 1 into next ch. 1 space.* Repeat from * 31 times. DC, ch. 1 into next ch. 1 space. Join with slip stitch to top of beginning ch. 3. Fasten off.

Round 9: Join color C with slip stitch into “V” stitch. Ch. 3 (Counts as first DC) 2 DC, ch. 1 in same space. *3 DC, ch. 1 in each “V” stitch ch. 1 space around* Join to top of beginning ch. 3.

Round 10: Slip stitch in each stitch around. Join in top of first slip stitch.

EDGING: You could use any edging pattern you like. I did *SC, HDC, DC, HDC, SC* into the slip stitches all the way around.

I made a flat circle backing for potholder use, but it could also just be decorative!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Crochet Coffee Mug Cozy

This was just some scrap yarn I had laying around and I whipped this mug cozy up from a mishmash of patterns I had seen. I made it with Lion Brand Chenille Solid in Black, using a size I hook. I will type up the instructions for how I made this and add them soon.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Work in Progress/ Hexagon Squares

I've got the beginnings of a cold, so I didn't do much today, which gave me plenty of time to work on these hexagon motifs. This pattern comes from Lucy at Attic 24. These are fairly easy to make. Here are the first three I made. I'm up to 9 of them now!

Clutter Buster Basket

I love the way this looks now that it is completed. It does need either fabric stiffener or some kind of liner to help it keep its shape. The big problem is that I can't decide where I want to put it! I think this one is going in the bathroom to hold the stuff that is always cluttering my countertop. I definitely plan on making more of these, but probably in the small size, as opposed to the medium, because all those single crochets can get a bit tedious.

This is a pretty easy project. I used 3 skeins of Lily Sugar 'n Cream Twists in "Twist Chalet." I completed it in about 2 nights. The pattern can be found on Michael's web site.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Most Recent Project/ Media Case

I made one of these over the weekend that didn't turn out as well as I would have liked it to, but this one that I whipped up last night turned out much better! This is a media case meant for carrying cell phones, iPods, digital cameras, etc. It is big enough to carry a smart phone. Zoe is able to get her phone, lip gloss, and a little cash in hers. It's the perfect bag for tweens! It is also quick and simple to make. I used Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton! in #8 Carousel Ombre. It took about 1/2 skein to make. You can find the pattern at Crochet Soiree.


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