Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vacation... All I Ever Wanted

Really, what can you say about a car trip with your 2 children, your parents and your ex-husband? Surprisingly, it went better than expected and we all had a good time-- except for when I was suffering from food poisoning in Denver. That was not so much fun.

I worked on my Lucy bag when I wasn't in charge of driving. That bar across my mom's dash makes a convenient skein holder!

We started our Colorado Springs sightseeing with a visit to Garden of the Gods, which never fails to amaze me.

The family at the Nature Center.

Kissing Camels Rock. I love this one!

The kids of course were completely intrigued by Balanced Rock and we had to take the obligatory "holding up the rock" pics. There is actually one of me doing this-- taken when I was about 10 on our first visit to Colorado.

We also visited the Manitou Cliff Dwellings. It's hard to believe the ancient peoples lived in these. They seem so tiny! My mom got a little
claustrophobic touring them.

We saw many deer. This one was on the hill just above the Nature Center at Garden of the Gods.

We also saw some beautiful wildflowers.(This one didn't live in the wild so much as it had been planted at one of the sites we saw!)

 We walked some good distances, got sunburned and had a great time. Then there was the Greek Yogurt incident of Vacation 2010, which doesn't merit writing about except to say that having food poisoning in a hotel room may be the worst way to be sick EVER!


Laura said...

Dude. Your blog looks great. And you engaged in interstate travel with your ex. You are Superwoman! I have long suspected it.

Em said...

Those pictures are brilliant, it looks like you had an amazing time!
I really really need to visit the USA one day and get to see some of the amazing sights there.
Also, thank you so much for the kind comments you left about my Gran last week.
Em xx