Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vintage Crochet Pic

So, are you digging that cool crochet hat I'm wearing? That is me, thanking my cousin for the doll she gave me on my 4th birthday. You may notice that my arm is broken and tucked up inside my dress. There is a vital lesson here. Don't jump on the sofa!

I am sure that the hat was made by my grandma as a gift to me. It's amazing how everything old is new again. That hat looks like something my daughter would wear (albeit in a different color!)

Of course, we should all take a moment to revere that orange/gold shag rug. It goes quite well with the orange ottoman in the background. And yes, there was a club chair that matched that.

I plan on photographing my grandmother's afghans soon and posting them here so that everyon can see the amazing works of art she created. I am so glad she shared that art with me.

ETA: In case you were wondering...1972!

1 comment:

Em said...

I love the hat!!!
We had a white ottoman with a lid of big fat pink rose patterned fabric ..I always thought it was awful, but I'm betting I'd love it nowadays!
Have a lovely weekend
Em xx