Friday, April 9, 2010

Wanna Swap Potholders?

I have started a Potholder Swap on Ravelry. If you are not a member of Ravelry, you will need to join. (It's free.) Here's how it works.

(LINK to the swap)
This swap is for lovers of the crochet potholder. It requires either a 6 month or one year commitment, where members will crochet ONE potholder per month.
This swap will place you in a group of either 6 or 12 members. When a group has enough members, a “Featured Member” will be chosen for the month. Each member of the group will then crochet a potholder for the “Featured Member” and send it to them. The next moth, a different “Featured Member” will be selected and they will then be the lucky recipient of either 5 or 11 beautiful potholders.

This group will accept members year round and signups will proceed on a rolling basis. As soon as one group fills up, they will begin swapping and a new group will begin.

To sign up for the swap, please post in the “I Want Potholders” discussion thread within the group's forum.

This is going to be really fun! And, you have the opportunity to receive potholders from members all over the globe.


Em said...

Oooh that sounds brilliant and I love the ones you recieved! I'm going to join Ravelry and join a swap group definitley!
Em xx

Kimbles said...

That sounds like a good idea - I assume potholders are large squares or circles made with thick cotton? **Kim**X