Saturday, March 6, 2010

Finishing Up the WIP's

I have so many WIP's going, that it is imperative I finish some of them up soon! They are starting to overtake the house. I finished up my potholders for the swap today and I must say, I LOVE them. These are not your granny's potholders! The pattern for these can be found at Crochet Memories.

I made this cute little bag for Zoe, but alas the inseam of her brother's old jeans did not make a long enough strap, so I'm going to try the inseam out of an old pair of her dad's jeans instead. Still, I think it's cute for her to carry her phone, lip gloss, etc. in.

Here's the current progress on the hexagons I've been making.

Well, dinner is about to be ready, so I will be back later with a couple of actual FINISHED projects!


LeeAnn said...

Holy moly! A crochet palooza! I spent the day looking for some cotton yarn. Any ideas? I love your potholders.

Becky Smith Gallops said...

Thanks! I used Sugar 'n Cream for the potholders because it works up stiffer, which is obviously good in a potholder. Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Cotton" is great, but it is very soft and more useful for things like baby blankets, etc. For the Starry Night potholders I used Sinfonia, which I got at Hobby Lobby.